Jenny Claxton – Lyrics

Chances are you saw him
from the corner of your eye
begging from the people passing by.
I’m sure you passed his out-stretched hand
and hurried on your way,
pretending that you didn’t see
the ragged castaway.

But he’s real, Jenny Claxton
he’s the other side of life
that your blinded, sheltered eyes
have never seen.
He’s as real, Jenny Claxton
as your hundred dollar dress,
real as all your sparkling diamond rings.

Walk around the down and out,
pretend they don’t exist.
Hurry by the castaways of life.
as long as you remain inside
your ivy-covered walls,
their helpless cries and haggard eyes
won’t bother you at all.

But they’re real, Jenny Claxton.
They’re the other side of life,
that your clean white hands
would never dare to touch.
They’re as real, Jenny Claxton,
as your pretty pampered face
real as your soft skin you love so much.

I knew the day would come
when you would tell me we were through.
A worker’s son ain’t good enough for you.
And now that day is here and yet
I hardly even care.
I search my mind for love to find
only pity there.

You’re not real, Jenny Claxton.
You’re a painted paper doll,
a walking, talking mockery of life.
And I see, Jenny Claxton,
a wretched castaway.