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Plug Nickels

Who has known heights shall bear forevermore
An incommunicable thing
That hurts his heart, as if a wing
Beat at the portal, challenging, –
And yet, lured by the gleam his vision wore –
Who once has trodden stars seeks peace no more.

Mary Brent Whiteside

Jones Nolan Etris was a man; a natural man as God created him. Big, broad shouldered with “twist the stuck lids off mason jar” forearms and the proverbial hamhock sized hands…

… Paradoxically, those same big hands grew fragile roses and went into the woods on Saturday afternoons to bring back arrays of colorful wild azaleas to make into fragrant bouquets to set on the supper table.

Barry Etris – from Faces & Songs

Barry Etris - Early Years.
Jones Nolan Etris.

Jones Nolan Etris

They say Jewell Hazel Marshall was very pretty. I don’t really know; it’s hard to judge the beauty of your mother. I know she was talented. She possessed those kinds of skills people develop who delight in little things and find no reason to venture too often beyond the confines of the homestead; skills acquired during time spent alone.

Jewel Hazel Marshall.She played piano, harmonica, and guitar. She’d sit in with the band and play for dances in neighbor’s homes back when people did that sort of thing. Because of the music in her own soul, I think she recognized it in mine early on, and gently encouraged its development through the years.

Barry Etris – from Faces & Songs

Jewell Marshall Etris